spaghetti with broccoletti and provolone

trim the broccoletti and remove the leaves and the tough part of stems..entirleyand cut in to equaly sized floret.

place a sautee pan over low heat,and extra virgin oil add the broccoletti and cook for 10 minuts..add the litte water from time to time so that the broccoletti doesn t stick to th bottom.

in the meantime cook the pastaand drain and transfer the pasta in to the baking dish toss the pasta with broccoletti cover with sliced good provolone baked at 350 in oven for 10 minuts................remove from oven and serve immediately..



 wine .......nero d avolaor primitivo




    buon appetito

tuna, pepper and cannellini salad

 a fun, filling salad that can be served a maincourses for a quick summer lunch or dinner...


5 ozcannellini beans

3 oz   bell pepper

1/4 drained canned tuna

2 tomato

I res onion

1 lemon

......cut the pepper on dice, the tomato on quarter, and red onion on thin sliced...arrange the cannellini on topo to the lettuce, add the tuna ( broken in small pieces) add the tomato, pepper onion...dress the salad with dressing made from whisking together lemon juice salt pepper extra virgin oil!

**** wine suggest.........collio or pinot bianco

Pappa al Pomodoro

A very typical summer soup of Tuscany, can be eat both hot or room temperature


half cup extra virgin oil

3 gloves garlic

4 leaves basil

1lb canned tomato (mashed with fork)

4 cup broth

5/8 bread cut in cubes


put the oil in at pan and place over heat, saute the garlic until is colored, add the tomato and basil, season with salt and pepper and cook for 20 minutes then add the broth stir until boil add the bread, cook for 10 minutes more often with spoon, remove from the heat and let 1 hour outside, before serving drizzle a extra virgin oil on top

                                                                                             buon appetito

**** wine........vermentino toscano ( white)                

 ***let me know your comment.................