Pappa al Pomodoro

A very typical summer soup of Tuscany, can be eat both hot or room temperature


half cup extra virgin oil

3 gloves garlic

4 leaves basil

1lb canned tomato (mashed with fork)

4 cup broth

5/8 bread cut in cubes


put the oil in at pan and place over heat, saute the garlic until is colored, add the tomato and basil, season with salt and pepper and cook for 20 minutes then add the broth stir until boil add the bread, cook for 10 minutes more often with spoon, remove from the heat and let 1 hour outside, before serving drizzle a extra virgin oil on top

                                                                                             buon appetito

**** wine........vermentino toscano ( white)                

 ***let me know your comment.................